How do you do a flapper with short hair?

I just keep it straight and curly. And then I put just a little bit of gel under it in order to set down the length of the hair and keep it all curly.

So what happens if it gets too short?

I can use gel under it, but I don’t want to cut it in. Then I just try and keep it all curly and you can just keep on rolling it.

Doesn’t it look horrible?

I know it does, but you’ve got to keep rolling it out to try and get it all curly.

Do you think it’s a challenge for girls to do all this and not look like they’re doing it out of a bad film?

No, no. A lot of girls do it. It’s just so easy. It’s very easy.

Have the boys done it?

Yeah they’ve done it too.

What is your reaction to the girls doing it?

It’s great because they want to use their hair, which is awesome.
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What have your girlfriends made of it?

Everyone is pretty supportive. It’s such a great thing that they’re doing it. We all love it!

Would you ever do it for real?

I hope to one day! I need to get into a more stable relationship. I would love to get a girlfriend and get married and settle down! But that’s never gonna happen, is it? (laughs) No, I’m not going to marry a man I have some feelings for. I mean that would be so amazing, that would be so amazing.

How would you keep your hair?

When I look at myself in the mirror in the morning, I don’t look like a little girl! I look normal! I do a lot of curls sometimes and I keep the ends of the bun in my hands when I sleep! They do have a really bad habit of curling up with no bun.

What’s the best hair product you’ve ever tried?

The best thing is hair glue! I used to buy my own hair glue but I hate it now. It always gets old and it’s really hard to get it off! It’s all the same stuff but more expensive. They just say it’s for hair and don’t know it’s so good for you. And I’ve never heard of anyone using it in real life!

What does it take to get your