How do you do finger waves in short hair?

A few of my close friends have these little “fingers” which they use to create these waves. They really work and they make a pretty neat effect.

Step 1: Find the right volume for your curls. I used an “average” amount of hair (I have a little less than an A-cup), which made the pattern look better in a thinner, more sparse hair. This didn’t work so well with shorter hair though. My short hair is really, really thin (I think 5 inches or so) and not in the same volume as my average A-cup.

Step 2: Cut down on the back ends of your fingers, just below your hair line. If you want longer waves, cut them off near the beginning of your waves.

Step 3; Apply some powder to your fingers when you’re finished to hold the waves and hold your hair in place.

Step 4: Wipe the powder off when the waves are in place, and rinse well with water. You can add a little extra powder if you’d like to give them another boost or if you want a softer effect – just like the “fingers”.

It works very nicely! The waves show up really nicely in pictures, and also in the hair. If you’d like to make some “lara” waves, just apply more powder than the picture below shows and you’ll have a fun “little finger wave”.

To get the best results, be sure to start your treatment somewhere outside your hairline – I like to place the tip of the hair under my nails, to get a little more length, and then place the fingers on top.

As with any other technique, use caution when applying any of these products. It can be too strong for a very tiny area like on your hand or for a very small part of your head. If you experience dryness or sensitivity on your finger nails, wash your nails thoroughly with water, and apply another layer of the above products.

Be sure to check out my post on some of the other DIY beauty secrets using makeup brushes that are actually for making your nails look beautiful.

Have fun out there and enjoy this post!

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