How do you do flapper girls hair? – Black And White Gatsby Dress

That’s what we do! We don’t just try to recreate the hair of flappers; we go a little deeper. It starts with a deep natural cut.

How did you decide what style of flapper would work best for you.

To get the best look when you wear this bra you have to do more than just cut your hair short. You have to cut your hair back. That’s why we chose a natural cut. Plus you have to make sure that your hair does not get in between your two buttons.

For example if you want a simple, cute flapper look that does not show your cleavage, it could look like the below picture:

The above picture, is what you could wear to a party and still have all your friends believe you are a flapper:

Of course having your hair in a ponytail does not make you flapper. Your hair should always be natural.

To find out how to achieve the best cut, you can also check out my guide: How to wear a bra that flaunts your curves!


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