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I didn’t even know the dress I was wearing was that much of a throwback.

You know, there’s only so old style and only so many styles people can pull off. Some of the styles have changed a lot since then—and I’m not just talking about the women’s wear you see on the cover of Vogue or GQ. There are still some styles of women’s wear that look really cool to us from our 1920s past, like the “slim and smooth” clothes of the 1940s and ’50s—but to all of us, I think, that’s just not cool anymore.

There are some that make me think about the 1950s: I think that the ones I wear today—I mean, you have to walk a pretty narrow path to pull off a 1950s look. It starts with wearing a long coat, or maybe a blouse with some sort of collar, or something. That’s so old-fashioned for today. But the longer you go and the thicker you get, the more old-timey the look begins to look.

To have so many styles to choose from? Is it because we’re wearing the wrong ones?

Hache Loose Fit Dress in White | Lyst
Well, you see people who wear a really great jacket, and you walk past and there’s another lady walking by with one of those. She’s wearing that jacket that you might see that lady wearing at a show, but not a real jacket; maybe a blouse that you look at as sort of a skirt. Or maybe someone was wearing a scarf, and she’s wearing one that’s completely covered up.

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You know, I wear the same jacket all the time and the same scarf all the time, but it’s like, how could you wear that jacket and scarf? Why are so many designers putting things together that are totally different?

I’m not just talking about fashion—I’m talking about women’s fashion, too. A lot of designers and companies are trying to use all these different looks, but at the end of the day you want something that has some consistency.

I look at my closet, and I think, “Okay, if you can find one outfit that fits in this category, I can wear that.” It’s really hard. I try to stay away from all of these more modern looking dresses. It always feels more comfortable to have this long shirt and a really nice skirt.


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