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By wearing a 1930s fanny pack.
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We’ve been waiting for the perfect moment to play with the latest and greatest in hardware, but the perfect moment hasn’t arrived. For the past couple of years, we waited to see the Surface RT, which has just recently seen a release date for some countries. Now, it seems like we are seeing more Surface RT’s in the months ahead.

As reported by The Verge, a leaked photograph showing a new Surface RT prototype has surfaced that appears to show some of the rumored specs.

In addition to being designed with a stylus in mind, the prototype will reportedly be manufactured in a silicon wafer that is less prone to the so-called ‘Wafer-Burning Bug.’ This bug happens when silicon wafers that are used to manufacture a custom device break in large quantities, causing the silicon to spontaneously vaporize and melt. If you are an investor in a technology company, watch out.

A leaked image on Geekhack suggests that the Surface RT will feature a 10-point touch panel that will supposedly support up to five gestures. Also, it appears that the device will also feature Microsoft’s Windows 8 Metro interface.

A few weeks ago, we learned that Microsoft is planning to announce a new Surface tablet at the Consumer Electronics Show next month, which could signal the release of the Surface RT.

Source: The Verge

On the morning of the 2015-16 NBA season in New York, the Brooklyn Nets were a couple weeks away from returning to their familiar place in the Eastern Conference. The only thing separating them from the lowly Washington Wizards, who were sitting at a dismal 13-30, was the Brooklyn Nets’ record.

The Nets would open their season-opening two-games-in-two-nights win over the Washington Wizards with a winnable game — a 95-90 win at the Garden — and would end up a double-digit underdog in two other games – 99-97 in Brooklyn and 110-99 in Washington. And they wouldn’t look back.

In all, they got seven wins of 80 or more in the opener. They got nine wins of 90 or more in their next eight games before going 3-8 on the road that culminated with a 115-99 blowout of eventual league winner Orlando. Even after getting a few losses while coming up short in back-to-back games, they would go 10-1 at home before dropping five of six on the road.


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