How do you dress like the 1920s? – Retro Stage Wedding Dress

My mother is from the 1920s and my dad was a doctor in the war. We grew up in a little place in Texas that was called the Hill Country. When we moved here we spent the first couple years living around Houston.

The first two or three years — especially from the seventh grade on — we were very, very hard into cowboy boots. I remember they were hard socks, cowboy boots. They came in different shades of black with red trim in each eye. One would be from the big, bad North and the other one was one of those nice blue ones, and they were always going a little black.

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I remember when my dad died, we all went down and visited his funeral. I remember my mom came down and said, “This is a good old country,” and she pointed out the old houses and all the old graves. The houses were all just kind of crumbling.

They were all just a hole of a hole, like the houses had just been filled in, like they’d fallen into the ground.

In Texas the thing we’re trying to be is still a very hard-working state, a hard-working people who will do anything to get ahead. People are going to work their butt off to get ahead.

Our culture is not all that different from the 1930s, ’40s, ’50s, ’60s. It’s kind of like that — I wouldn’t even call it a culture. It’s more like a very old-fashioned culture.

Is it difficult for you to find clothes for the 1920s?

The thing we struggled with is if it’s anything older than a dress shirt, we’re going to struggle to find a quality shirt that’s appropriate for the period. You have to go all the way to the 1880s to find one that fits, and the period is not like that. It’s not about what you look like. It’s what makes you look good.

One of the ways that the 1920s influenced our style was that people just wore sweaters — all the sweaters were made as long as they were two inches, because they had no pockets and they had a nice, clean button hole through the shirt.

All this stuff that we wore had to fit with the style that the people were wearing.

Do you have any favorite outfits from the 1920s?

I love our jackets because they’re very comfortable but they have that big, soft, comfy

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