How do you make a flapper dress out of at shirt? – Flapper Costume Diy

I need to see my dresser. (in disbelief) Oh my god… I’m supposed to be cutting off a flapper dress…. (more in disbelief) I don’t have a dresser!! (laughing) No, I get it. You think I would be more of a slob to have a dresser… but, you didn’t see what I’ve done with the dresser!!! I ripped it off and it’s all ripped up. I was just waiting for you at the desk to let me in. That dresser has been the best thing about my life this past year… and the last couple of months. But for some reason, I can’t stand sitting down. So now you’ll have to wait while I get this dress back on. (snort of exasperation) No, I will not pay for this. And I will not be taking it off. It’s been three months and I could use the money. Well, I could and I would, but my mother just told me to go back to work. I guess I’ll just have to live with them and work in the office. Oh, my god… do you want to come in? Oh, it’s you again. (laughing) Here’s another thing I learned about you. You can say so much stupid stuff… but only so much. I’ve always known you could stand it. (pause) Oh, did you mean that about not eating anything for three months? (chuckle) I thought you said I would take care when I cut your hair, but… I think that was a joke. (pause) Yes? You don’t think I’m as stupid as you think you are? (smile/laugh) I bet it’s hard to say anything silly when you’re wearing your clothes. I can’t believe you like it so much. Maybe you like being naked because of some reason? I know for a fact that you do. But, I don’t like your clothes. I always think I’m the only one who thinks you’re really a man. But, I guess some people have different opinions… (smile/laugh) No, don’t go there… no, I don’t want you to think that I’m talking about how great your cock is. I know you liked the way I kissed you and how it fit so nicely into your… (giggle) yes, that was nice. You like it when you can take it? So, you always thought that when you kissed me
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