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The flapper trend was the latest to break out of the confines of the traditional, white, male dominated music industry in the 1960s. The first flapper to break into the music industry was Jackie McLean—a 19 year old singer who performed in a local nightclub, and began flaunting a large amount of jewelry in the pages of women’s magazines. These images of McLean as a glamorous, white trash rockabilly girl took off, and she and her dance moves have been popular ever since.

A year after these images broke, she moved to Los Angeles in order to escape the white, male dominated city. It was there she met Charlie and John Zorn—two other former streetwear models for Nasty Girl, and flappers who had also become prominent Hollywood stars by this time. These two models helped the two models become influential for the rest of the movement—not just in terms of the fashion scene, but also to the general image of flappers in America. Although it was originally inspired by the New York fashion scene, by the 90’s flappers had begun to look towards Hollywood as their first choice of modeling company.

It was also the era when the word “trendy” was adopted widely for the fashion movement in general. Flappers embraced clothing, hair, makeup and fashion in a way that few other genres ever managed.

Who or what is known as the ‘Flamingore Girl’ was actually a young black woman and she used the name to advertise what she was all about. This young black female used the term flapper but also used the expression ‘black girl’ on her clothing—something that had been unheard of for the time. The young black woman’s marketing strategy was to be a bit controversial in order to gain popularity and she would flaunt a large amount of jewelry and often a big afro—a fashion signifier of African descent.

The name flapper came from a phrase invented by the young black woman’s personal stylist, Della Fritzi, who often dressed in elaborate style accessories with her flapper clothes.

Flamingore Girl, as she has become known, was born in the 1960s. Her style was not the way a young black woman dressed at all from the start (in the mid to late 50’s), as she often wore long skirts and tight-fitting dresses. The flapper style would remain until 1970 when it was adopted by a few major celebrities in America—most notably Liza Min

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