Was the flapper a feminist? – 20S Flapper Dress Near Me

Yes/no, from which direction would you go? Not sure. #RapeFeminism #SleepingWithDudes

A picture or something of my mother: If my mother wasn’t around, I wouldn’t be here, and I would be a very different kind of person. #DismayOfDoom

The first one was a photo of a girl sitting at her desk and talking to an older woman who looked to be very attractive, sitting about ten feet away, on a different seat. I can’t even tell what the words on the left side are because it looks like it has been typed and the picture is out of focus, but the words “I’m not the one who got it”, and the girl’s face clearly has the most interesting expressions of disappointment and disbelief. The second one was a photo of a girl on her knees. She’s trying to cover something up with her mouth, and her face looks like it is showing some emotion, but I couldn’t quite make out exactly what it is. On the right, her arms are held out in front of her body, which is very similar to the pose that I have above. If I had any information about what the message is underneath this photo, it would be very helpful. #DismayOfDoom

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A man has been arrested after police say he stabbed a woman to death outside a nightclub in the early hours of Sunday.

Kemaric Allen, 27, of Newcastle upon Tyne was arrested on Monday morning and charged with murder.
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A woman was taken to Royal Blackburn Hospital and pronounced dead. Police said a 33-year-old man was treated and released for stab wounds.

The woman’s body has so far been identified by police as 28-year-old Amanda Smith of Sheffield Park Avenue, in North Tyne.

The attacker ran away following the incident. His car is located with two front seats missing.

Neighbour Jamie Thomas described the scene as “like someone was trying to set fire to a house”.

“All of a sudden it’s full-on chaos. The fire brigade were there and paramedics and doctors were on the scene, but it looked like it was coming down fast.”

(Image: Daily Record)

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