What color lipstick did flappers wear? – Cheap Flapper Dresses

Well that’s actually a bit of a difficult question to answer because, again, everyone had their own different tastes as we all had our own different flapper styles.

First up is the 1940s era. The era of ladies and gentlemen flappers and fusillades, was a time when the public flapper’s style was not all that different from what we currently see at every beach, pool, or pool party. They were dressed in more traditional outfits that included a plain white shirt and skinny blue jeans (or maybe jeans that you’d wear with a blouse) and a matching pair of white pumps. The style consisted of flowing hair and simple, simple attire, with no makeup allowed anywhere (except for a few of the very few women who did do a little).

A lot of the flapper style originated from the era of America’s involvement in the First World War, which took place in Europe.

As the United States began to pull out at the end of the war in Europe, the style did not go away, it just became more of an individualistic expression of social class. By the ’40s, it became more of an expression of fashion, with black and red flappers popping up to show the world what was considered “cool” and fashionable, like black flappers in 1940’s NYC or 1940’s NY.

Some might argue that the “crowning glory” of flapper style was that you could make a living as a flapper at this time period, but that would be misleading. The real pinnacle of flapper style was that you could look like some rich chick, but your only worry was that the men you were flaunting around would think they were some Hollywood star. Some of the more famous flapper stars include:

Margaret Sanger

Edith Wharton

Mary Kay Ash

Marilyn Monroe

And a few others

Flappers didn’t only look classy, but they also went out of their way to stay out of sight in the public eye. They used to keep their face covered with a black wig, or a hat with a black brim. When a rich guy saw that he was in the public eye, he would turn to go and hide himself from the rest of the world’s gaze.

It is amazing to think how far back into time those flappers went, but this is the type of person the flappers were. They were the original dress code, and the only way to look cool

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