What color lipstick did flappers wear? – Red Flapper Dress Modest


Blue, I repeat, blue — the color of flapper dresses, blue with pink lipstick. I am absolutely convinced. There is a famous poem by Charles Dickens set in a London street, written around 1800, in which we witness:

“The lady in blue…

Came in, sat down in a corner, drew near, and opened her dress with a pen, and drew it on over two buttons at once without so much as blinking.”

The blue-pink lipstick of flappers was an emblem and reference to the pink and blue dress of the girls.

When we look back at the flapper years, we are struck by the starkness and power of it all. It was a time where people were free to follow their passion, where there were no rules, where there were no inhibitions. The clothes were beautiful and they were the dress code or the color of the room for those with a sexual awakening. There were no regulations to be broken or rules to follow. Everything was personal, everything was erotic. There had to be no pretense of propriety. “A person with a man’s dress is a person with a person’s dress.” (A woman with a man’s dress was a whore.) There was no social embarrassment. The young girl could be anyone that she wanted. She would see the man and go out with him, she could dress up as a man who she was attracted to. It was an intoxicating time with all the excitement of youth. The way of living was all up for grabs. Women’s rights were under siege. The rules of the day were not a guide, but simply to protect themselves and the men of society. Everyone has a story. The flapper girl’s tale of how she and all those men followed the dress code and still found the time to dance, sleep, mingle and get the word out in a way that no one else was able to.

A girl in blue would be a great hero on television or in any show in which she was the lead.

This article is about the main character. You may be looking for her recurring sidekick, the recurring villain, or a member of the cast.

“You wanna know a secret? It’s just… the only thing, you know, that will save this country…”

— Dr. Krieger to his fellow doctor, to the main cast.

Dr. Krieger is a recurring character in Futurama and

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