What color lipstick did flappers wear? – Youth Girls Flapper Dress Costumes

We had people in particular flappers who wore, basically, the same stuff they had the day before. They were wearing the same kind of lipstick, the same brand, the same price, but they had a different color. That’s the difference between someone who really likes fashion and those who just really hate it. “Who cares what it is that my kids wear?” Some of them looked at me like I was crazy!

And I had people that were really into the music, and they were like, “Can I buy you your favorite pair of jeans?” “Sure, come out in five years and we’ll make a sale, and you can buy those jeans out of our store.”

[Laughs.] I thought, “Wait a minute! That’s great! But let me know how it works.” And I had a lot of people that were just really into just dancing, and they wanted to have everything—the same thing that everyone else was having, but the same clothes.

Are girls more open to fashion in general, or did you just see an opportunity to sell?

A lot of the girls that had come in and that I had met, I felt very honored to speak to them. My favorite girls—and not because they’re attractive—but because they’re amazing, so I’ve gotten to see their passion and their enthusiasm. For those that went out looking for, like, how to get the dress that fit their shoulders? It was so interesting. That I got to see that on a physical level.

The first thing we noticed was that the people were very confident. They were very positive—and they weren’t as scared as the girls that we’re selling to. The more I saw these girls, I knew I was ready to help them. And that was really what it was: I don’t want people to feel embarrassed, or ashamed, or I don’t want things to go against our values, but I want them to go out and do everything and not worry about what they’re wearing or what we’re doing. I wanted them to feel like we’re there for them.

How did you help the girls you sold to feel like they were going to be comfortable?

We started out selling just the jeans—the skinny jeans, which were the basic thing to sell, which I think everyone does. But after the first week, we started seeing a difference. People wanted more comfortable jeans. What we did was we started talking about different styles, and

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