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The answer was all over the map. For example, there was not one popular color in the entire 1920’s. There are some common colors of the era, but at times there were colors that were so popular that every other color was a “no go.” (Click on the picture) This is where I started, going all the way back to when I was a youth.

It wasn’t just about color though, but the general mood or feeling of the era. For example, when was the last time you visited a country where people dressed in colors other than blue? (Click on the picture) This is the answer to the question of “What colors were popular in the 1920’s?”

How did color change when people began wearing hats?

The first thing to note is that hats had their own color, and had started to spread across the country. I believe hats were in fact associated with a specific color from the very beginning of history. (Click on the picture)

A hat used to be blue on one side, red on the other. It then turned into a red on one side and a blue on the other. (Click image)

From the 1930’s on there was another color you could see on hats. At one point hat colors could also be used for ties as well. (Click on the picture)

What was the color of the hat that was used most often in the 1960’s? (Click on the picture) This is a good question and is still a subject for debate.

When people went from hats to ties they began to look at things differently. Some people did, but the majority followed suits and ties. (Click on the picture)

There will be hat patterns too, but it is hard to see what you will see. (Click on the picture).

So there you have it folks. It is an interesting one to look at if you like to think outside of the box and try to solve things that haven’t been solved yet. This will be next week again. See you then!
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