What colors were popular in the 1980’s?

As with most color trends, the colors of 80’s were more black, more gray and more orange than in the 90’s. I’ve seen color schemes including a combination of black and a blue/grey scheme. That would have been pretty common in the 80’s.

If you had a dream about an 80’s movie, what movie might that be?

I was so excited to see ‘Star Wars’, even though I had seen the original ‘Star Wars’ only twice. Then I saw the second one – I really enjoyed it, and I decided to write my own script. I knew I should get to know the characters better, and so I focused on their friends, their families, and their relationships. I started with Luke and Leia, and worked my way up to Han Solo. Then I started working more in the background as well, and when I hit the big screen, I was just floored with the audience reaction.” – Tom Arnold

What is your favourite ’80’s movie?

“Dirty Dancing, because I found it so romantic. I loved the film and still do.” – Tom Arnold

Can you name any movie you would like to have been in?

“I’m more of a movie buff, so if I could’ve taken on the role of any person in ‘Hercules’, I would’ve said Bruce Wayne, because he embodies everything we love about the Batman.” – Tom Arnold

What is your favourite Disney character/movie?

“Sully, because I’m a sucker for those stories. And ‘The Little Mermaid’ – they did a great job. And they did a wonderful job with Ariel too, especially being in the ‘Beauty and the Beast’ movie. She’s super-cool. That was amazing.” – Tom Arnold

What do you consider your greatest achievement as an actor?

“Playing ‘Pulp Fiction’. I got to play Jack Reacher. I got to play a man who couldn’t go to his doctor for fear of being sent to the psychiatric ward. I got to play a guy who could have been on ‘The Blacklist’ or any show of that time, which I thought was a great idea. I got to play a man who would be able to take down whoever could be doing anything to him. And I got to make a choice between my family and my career. It was incredible. It’s a privilege to do it.” – Tom Arnold

What is your favourite film