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These are just the colors that come with the “Glow in the dark” kits and a variety of stickers! The colors in this kit can vary. For those that want to use the colors from the original set, there is also a selection that will not have the glow effect.

You can also buy this Glow in the dark sticker set for a reasonable price. If you don’t get as many as other kits, that makes it less expensive! I bought the original set to have the Glow effect, so it was a great deal at the time.

How do I know I love it?

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This really depends on how you personally use the kit. I’ll list some things to look out for.

I’ll be a little cautious about anything that comes with the kit that says “It is recommended not to remove the lightbulb,” or the “For outdoor use only”. This kit is really great if you want to let it grow with you for a year or so. It’s a little heavier than normal glass, but the glow effect comes on fast! When you set it up on a table, you can put it on a desk, the wall, the top of your bed…the sky! It’s definitely not recommended for kids to let go of it in one sitting. I always see people trying to hold it while they run to bed! The bright light could start burning some very sensitive cells on the retina. It’s a little less effective at night. Even for someone who doesn’t have a sensitivity any problem with it, there’s light sensitivity. The glow effect is not long lasting, so when the light drops, it’s going to be harder to see. I’ve heard reports, which I’ve heard before, of someone forgetting that the light didn’t work. They forgot to pull the bulb off. The light might start to burn through the cornea and leave the eye more sensitive to light. If that happens to you, just turn it off and put it back on later.

It may have a “cool” or “warm” setting. It’ll always be on cool as opposed to cool as in the “Glow” kits, but it can get warm up close by when you’re not looking, at your desk.

What do you think of the Glow effect kit? Will you be buying this set? Comment down below!

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