What did real flappers wear? – Flapper Head Dresses Images

The traditional style for flappers was that they looked pretty plain, but they didn’t have to be to be seen as flappers, because they were flappers.

Did real women in the 1920s feel that it was important to wear something stylish?

Women of the 1920s wore the simple, everyday clothes, from tights and dresses to blouses and skirts, that were common to those times. They didn’t wear extravagant things. Instead, they used the plain, everyday clothes that women of the time wore. The only thing they wore was the clothes they had.

So it was fine to wear the tights and dresses that were common to the time, and the blouse and skirt that were worn by many women in 1920?

Yes, indeed. The simple clothes were fine — the only thing that had to be neat and neat with a neat look was the clothes you wore. And we didn’t wear flashy or bright things. The only thing that was fashionable in 1920 was the clothes you wore.

Did you wear a dress to work?

Yes, I did. And I did it in the office where I worked. [laughing] When I was working downtown, I used to wear this red, wool blouse that was a bit too big. I used to wear it in the office, as I always wore it to the office.

And you knew you could do business with men who dressed that way?

Yes I did. You know, they were afraid if they used to dress that way, that they would look down upon all women and would not be good business men. My father once told me that if any woman wore that dress to the office it was a bad sign. I remember when my father, who was the head of one of the banks, asked me to come down and work with his people.

And you had never worked before or had a job before.

Yes, no. My father thought I should become a dressmaker for him. [laughs] One of the things we told him was that I had never worked since I was six years old. He thought that would be an improvement, so he had me work in the factory for about two weeks.

What about your boss in the factory?

His name was Harry D.

Is he a good man?

Well, [laughs] his daughter has a younger brother, and Harry D. is his older son. He has such

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