What did real flappers wear? – Fringed Flapper Dress

We could probably do it justice with this photo: Here’s the dress in question. The red is flirty on the neck, but looks less so on the shoulders.
DIY Flapper Costume for Women - Using Clothes You Can Wear Again ...

The white is more casual, with some red lining at the skirt, if you can call it that. (And if the neckline is too large, I can imagine it would run into the face.) The black is probably pretty casual — if the jacket was black and made of black, it wouldn’t work with such a bold skirt!

And here’s the dress as an article of clothing:

Pretty casual, isn’t it? The dress would be easy to wear for a night out, and with the right outfit, it’s perfect for a lunch date, or any other occasion where you’d feel more comfortable. And that’s how the flapper dress came to be. We should take note: If it’s a dress, it’s hard to wear it to a social function unless it is an absolute classic. We’d never want to do anything short of a museum piece.

Did anyone really have to make that kind of adjustment? I can’t imagine it. Not a good sign.

The flapper dress as an evening gown is more traditional, but it could also be worn with a black corset for a more casual look, or a white one, or any other pattern that looks good with a black dress. I personally like white and red (or cream and pink) lace and my dress could work with those colours, and I bet you could adapt your own patterns.

The one thing I want to point out here, though, is that the flapper look has a history much older than today. The dress is known as a flapper on its very first appearance in 1893. A lot of the clothes in our collection may be from just after the Civil War, so they may be more from the mid 19th century.

The dress, and the flapper look, are very much linked, and some will probably think this is an unfair association because the dress was popular during the Civil War. But flapping dresses would have been worn all over the country — as a simple evening dress, as a dress for work, it was a way to dress down, or wear something with little to no embellishment.

So if you’re thinking of trying this look in an hour dress, think about why it was so popular so early in history, and why it’s now considered a very, very

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