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Was it simply a gimmick? I don’t think so.”

“Then why do people still do it, anyway? Are they making it their own tradition?” I looked at him questioningly, wondering if he’d found another way to get to the bottom of it all.

He sighed. “We’d all just rather stick with the standard.”

Harmony was one of the key concepts of modern art. When art was new in America, the idea of a “New Art” and its implications was the subject of intense debate and, with very few exceptions, the prevailing wisdom was against what was then called “modernism”.

When the nineteenth century came to a close, both classical and modernist styles were in a state of transition, where the emphasis turned more and more on the representation of forms, rather than shapes or colors. These forms were more closely related to sculpture than painting, and they were associated with an increasingly central role in art education through the work of artists such as Jules Corneille, David Hockney, and Claude Monet.

The “Harmony of Forms” was, of course, a major part of the new philosophy of the age. It was a theory of art that sought to apply the principles of composition and drawing to painting instead of trying to create a single form for every work of art. It was a theory that was so powerful it was adopted universally as the basis for the modern art movement.

In this book, we will analyze the theories and techniques of Harmony and how their application is to the making of painting and sculpture. What are the fundamental terms of this theory? What are the most fundamental principles under which the theory operates? What is the history of the theory? What has the theory taught us over the course of its history?

In this book, we examine the methods of Harmony in two different ways! For the first time you are able to see how these theories are connected. Then, a unique section called: “Brief Summary” contains a brief summary of Harmony theory and its key principles. This gives you a brief overview before proceeding to the theory of Art.

There is much of interest in a Theory of Art. It provides an interpretive framework for understanding a work. When applied to painting and sculpture, this theory has revolutionized both of these disciplines. This book will explain how artists think and approach painting and sculpture.

This book is very readable, and it contains valuable information that is often not found in other

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