What did they wear in the 20s? – 1920S Dresses For Women Not Flapper

“In those days the dress code for women was a long skirt, no boots, no shoes.”
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What was the dress code for men?

“If he didn’t think I was attractive enough for a woman – as I was certainly not – I had to be good looking too.”

Did he think you were attractive?

“I did feel I was beautiful in that way.”

So what did he say?

“You look better in an elegant dress with a long flowing hair.”

But what if she didn’t find you attractive?

“I did have to dress like a lady.”

What did you wear in those days?

“The dress code was always that you had to have the right number of pearls, you had to have a silk stockings.”

Did she look like a lady?

“(laughs) She’s a very pretty girl, she’s a very pretty girl.”

What did she say?

“I’m a lovely woman.”

When did you first meet her?

“A few years before I started at the BBC. I came to do a radio report with her and I think it was on an old time radio show about war criminals.”

How old were you?

“I was 19.”

At that stage did she know you?

“She first met me – or a lot of people on the show who met her – very quietly at this great dinner in which, among many others, I was talking about the war and she turned to me and she said she knew I had made the television programme.”

So she had known you for some time before that?

“She had spoken to me and I had spoken to her before about how much my parents and I loved to enjoy a bit of fun together. She said she knew how I and my brother, Nick, enjoyed a good game of darts and the fact that I came from an ethnic minority meant I could have a good time in the evenings.”

Where did she come from?

“She was from Battersea. She had lived in Whitechapel, which is one of the most deprived parts of the borough, before coming to London.”

What’s the best thing about being here?

“My colleagues. They’ve made me feel very welcome. I’ve made friends and I have been invited to go and join in with some of the people

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