What did they wear in the 20s? – Super Plus Size Flapper Dresses



–The most popular clothing item at the era was a little red button shirt with an upside down V, but you wore a lot of other things, and the most popular outfit was a white blouse with a pink buttoned-up collar. (No idea) (pause)

A. Did you ever play basketball in your teenage years, too?

Q. No.

A. I play basketball in the afternoon, but I’m not good enough to play professionally, so I’ve only played professionally in tournaments for five or six times since I was in high school. When I was in college, I played basketball a lot for my college team and I got picked on a lot, so I’ve been pretty much a non-entity at the college level since.

Q. Did you play competitively with your friends the way you have as a band, or was it more like a band room?

A. For the most part, friends are pretty friendly with me, but I’ve also played with people who were serious about their songs. When people really know how to do something and what to do, it’s a lot of pressure. But then you get good at it and you know it’s good.

I don’t know much about musical instruments, other than my mom playing piano and my dad playing guitar. My mom and dad played music in their lives and they both knew when certain things were right for a song to be on the radio and when that was a cool thing for a song to not be on the radio.

Q. Did the band name come first, or were there other names that were considered?

A. There weren’t any really good ones. We just started making tunes and it happened that the last couple that were being played when they were done were like Hot Potato and Hot Water. So I called that first and got feedback from people and a lot of us were like: “Hey! That sounds kind of good!”

I had no idea what our band would get used to, so I think my friends got me into it. It was a fun time.

Q. How many bass players, how many drummers, and how many drums did you play, etc.?

A. That’s a good one.

Q. (to John) How was writing songs? Did you use any other devices in writing? If so, how did they play a song?

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