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Pizza Hut, once the king of fast, fast food, now sits squarely in the middle of America’s cultural landscape. And with a focus on low prices and fast, fast delivery, we now find ourselves in the midst of yet another crisis for the pizza giant.

As of this writing, Pizza Hut is the leading competitor to fast food chain Wendy’s in sales, but has fallen far behind in the competition to attract the young-at-heart, hip-chatting millennial demographics. According to data from Kantar Worldpanel ComTech, Pizza Hut has been overtaken for the first time in franchise sales, which includes not only franchisees, but small and medium-sized franchisees and franchisees in each of the 50 states and Washington, D.C.

Pizza Hut has, however, had a rough go of it in the past. Despite its well-established, if now faded image, Pizza Hut has been unable to break through the consumer perception of fast food chains. It seems that, in our increasingly competitive food arena, McDonald’s seems the undisputed king.

What’s happening at Pizza Hut?

So what is it about Pizza Hut that is allowing it to slip, yet again, to the bottom? Why, after all the success they’ve had over the years, are so many of us still questioning whether Pizza Hut is an innovative, cutting-edge-looking concept? Maybe this is all just a huge coincidence. Or maybe the problem lies far deeper.

Take, for example, our obsession with quick delivery and pizzerias. There are a ton of fast food businesses serving quick delivery and even more offering pizzerias. And Pizza Hut is not a fast food establishment. It was founded in 1949, a full 50 years before the first McDonald’s was even conceived. And the current business model to serve quick, high-quality, high-calorie food has been around for decades.

In a recent interview with CNN, Pizza Hut’s global vice president of marketing, Mike Krieger, admits fast food companies like McDonald’s have done a marvelous job at keeping their product as simple as possible, while Pizza Hut, on the other hand – the one that is taking a little longer than McDonald’s to deliver and making a few more changes to its menu

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