What is a flapper dress called? – 1920 Red Flapper Dress

You may say “flapper.” Some people think it’s a dress of “flappers” who went to the big city. So what a flapper is, a flapper dress is, a flapper dress is, a flapper, a flapper dress is…

I am not a flapper. Not really. I am just a little girl and a little girl wearing a flapper dress. My mom tells me these are the best dresses. I get all a little bit flatter because of the way the fabric is placed on the back. I feel like a little girl. When we go out, I wear it like a little girl.

What are the main types of flappers?

There seem to be a lot of different types of flappers. I can think of…

…one kind that is short and short and short… and the kind they call the “little man dresses.” There are people who think they’re the flappers too. They have their little man dresses. I don’t know. I do not know if that’s the flapper thing. I can get all a little bit flatter because of the way the fabric is placed on the back.

What are our best flapper dresses?

Well, it depends… If someone is really passionate about it, they’ll probably have an idea or they’ll have some idea themselves. If they want to be a flapper, they’re going to learn all about it.

What is one thing flappers can do that is really, really, really good?

I think that maybe one of the reasons that we are so, so successful in the fashion industry is because we’re able to put our personal values in. We aren’t trying to outdo anybody on how many flapper dresses you need, how many patterns you should wear on your back or how many buttons on your dress. No, we just want you to put your own personal values and your own way of being a girl onto a dress.

Do flappers wear skirts?

No, flappers tend to walk in dresses. I believe that every girl should have the option to wear whatever she feels like wearing. We don’t tell people how they should dress.

What colors flappers like on dresses?

I believe that they should wear colors that are really comfortable, because… they don’t feel like you’re in prison. They don’t feel like you’re in a prison; they feel like…

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