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Flappers are short-haired girls with ponytails.

Why do I get flappers?

Most often, they are girls who like to be popular and “flare up” at times of the month in order to attract attention. Their hair comes down to about mid-calf at the base of their neck, where the rest of a typical girl’s hair typically flows downward, giving the appearance of longer bangs. As a result, many times they can take pride in wearing short bangs and can appear more feminine while still being fashionable.

Who is a flapper girl?

The term flapper girl was coined to describe the girls who prefer to go about their business in long bangs with tumbles and short bangs at other times of the month. Flappers also generally do not have any interest in wearing makeup or wearing clothing with designs. Instead, they usually only wear their hair loose and a bit short on top. They typically wear long skirts as a fashion statement while maintaining their short bangs (about four inches long from the top of the scalp to below the top of the shoulder) from the same location.

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Why should girls stay true to their style?

Flappers are considered beautiful by guys in that fashion. Flappers enjoy wearing their hair down and they make great hairstylists by having access to styles and colors that other girls would not be able to fashion as well. Many flappers also enjoy wearing accessories that girls often do not dress up in.

What is the “flapper appeal”?

While wearing short bangs during the months of July and August is typically considered as a way to make an impression on the opposite sex, flappers have decided to give themselves an identity by looking different.

Flappers do not appear like just any other girls. For instance, by not wearing makeup during these months flappers can appear more feminine and youthful and they make an effort to keep their style very classy at all times regardless of the style of clothing or accessories they wear. Furthermore, girls who choose to go about their business in a full head of makeup wear it with a sense of purpose in order to show their confidence or confidence to others.

How can you grow your own flapper?

You can grow your own flapper by trying to imitate the look of many females that you will likely not have the opportunity to meet during your college years.

There are three basic steps to grow your own flapper hair:


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