What is a flapper girl? – Red Flapper Dress With Fringe Kids Boots

In the early days of the movement, flapper girls wore pretty much whatever they could get their hands on: dresses, skirts, blouses, anything that covered their whole bodies except for the most bare of flesh.

While there were men who came out in flapper outfits, this was still a largely female experience. Men’s flappers were considered a turn-off to many women, and even some men would find it difficult to get behind women in these kinds of pieces of clothing. In some parts of the country this could be due to the fact that they looked too much like the boys, while in other parts of the country it was due to their more feminine looks.

While men were interested in the flapper girl look, there was no set definition of flapper – or even of a kind of flapper, for that matter. To the average woman, there were five basic types:

The Girl Wearing a Hat (also called the Flapper Hat)

This is a woman in a flowing, low-cut dress, wearing a hat and wearing a long, loose top. These flappers didn’t typically leave their hat at home. One of the original flappers, Mary Gaudreau in 1844, did not keep her hat in her dressing room. But, more often than not, there was no need for this: When she stepped off stage there would be a long line of people waiting patiently and ready to receive her.

Animated Flapper (also called the Flapper Girl)

A similar look to the Girl-in-a-Hat, animated flappers, and the Girl with The Hat took advantage of the animation in the theatres. Animated flappers were often considered to be women’s versions of the animated characters in Disney’s The Jungle Book and Fantasia. Animated flappers in this style were usually dressed in soft, fluffy dresses that they used to wrap around their heads before they walked with an animated flutter across the stage.

Luncheon Girl

This was a woman who had her hair pulled back and kept it tied close to her head. This style was especially popular in the 1840s and 1850s, especially among women in town. Luncheon girls wore a headband or headdress that would often have beads around the neck, and beads were used to give flapper girls a slight air of mystery and mystery charm.

Girl Scout (also called Glamour Girl)

In fact, the first Girl Scout uniform

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