What is a Gatsby theme?

The Gatsby theme was designed by The Faint, who are best known for designing the stunning and immersive music that plays throughout Netflix’s Daredevil series.

What type of story would you want to tell a Gatsby movie?

What story is Netflix interested in telling with Gatsby, according to the Wallflower star?

“The Gatsby books have this element, which is the love and the friendship and the beauty you see between these various characters that just get into that relationship. When you’re a star, it’s easy to say to yourself: ‘I’m doing this for two, four, even six years.’ Because the world is full of people who make that type of decision. You can say, ‘Well, one day when I’ve made enough money, I’ll buy all those houses I’ve been wanting to’. And you can see how easy that is to fall into, so then you’re in your own world for a while. But then you fall into something that you’ve only seen before, and you’re not thinking about that. It’s so strange. Like you’re still in love and you don’t know the consequences.”

Will Gatsby be the focus of a Netflix series or one of the others?

“I have no idea. I’m very optimistic. Obviously we’re very interested now in what a Gatsby movie can be, in a way. We’re looking forward to getting back to our first idea. But we’re also excited about being part of this conversation about different types of storytelling that can be told with Gatsby. I think you could also have this movie about it, about these characters that get together and get into this relationship.”

What are the biggest challenges that come with adapting Gatsby into a TV series?

Great Gatsby Roaring 20's Flapper Couple Birthday Party ...
“I think a big thing is you’re going to have the same actors in the same shoes and in the same situations. There is a story that connects to that. That’s why we want [to have] the actors all back. We want them all back, but then it’s all about the relationships, where they meet and go down this rabbit hole together. That’s why we wanted to get them all back. Because they’re all very different people.”

Are there any Gatsby movies out there that you’ve watched but not had the opportunity to have them on TV?

“I’ve always found the Gatsby movies interesting, and I love the idea of