What is a petting party in the 1920s? – Flapper Dress Accessories

The petting party was a public celebration at which couples kissed and petted their pets and their pets’ friends. The term petting or “pumping and spanking” (also spelled petting party or petting parties) was first used as a form of entertainment around the 1920s.

Photo by Flickr user Michael Fischel

How is the term petting party different from modern petting parties?

The modern term petting party refers specifically to the romantic aspect of the event. The modern petting party is a social event attended by a large and well-known portion of the public. For example, it is common to see petting parties at weddings, and sometimes at funerals, which in many states is legal only for close family members.

The term petting has remained consistent over time, while petting events have not; “Petting” implies the act of engaging in sexual acts between a person and a animal which is often a euphemism for heterosexual sex.

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