What is Marcelled hair? – 1930S Dress

It is a type of synthetic hair that is made of a combination of silk and silk protein (or, gel), as well as other additives and fragrances. It has many of the same technical qualities as traditional silk, but is used to recreate a slightly softer appearance in synthetic hair.

How does it feel?

Meredy hair is so soft and smooth that you can use the same length of hair up to seven years. It is often mixed in with natural silk, which is why it is so comfortable and has such a natural, feminine look on the head! It can also look a little grey in shades of grey, but is much more natural shades when mixed with grey hairs, such as grey and red.

When using this texture, it is important to use only as much or as little of the hair on your head as you’d like to. This is to avoid damaging the natural fibre and hair at this level, as well as increasing the chances of a breakdown. It is especially important to avoid adding too much silk or silk powder as some of the natural fibers will break down.

How long will it last?

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Marbled hair has a lifetime of over 30 years! It is very similar to natural silk, so it is not possible to replace it. Using it is a great way to keep it clean and shiny, giving a soft yet very smooth look. We have found that using a synthetic hair product is recommended by many experts in the field to help extend the life of the hair.

Where can I buy marbled hair?

In the UK, the best place to buy marbled hair is Amazon.com. We can also be found on Twitter: @MeredyBodies and on Facebook: www.facebook.com/mergedbodies.

Can I change my hair’s colour?

Marbled hair is best when kept at a cool temperature and brushed or air dried thoroughly to get rid of any oils. This could reduce the natural colour of your hair, but this is not harmful and can make it even more beautiful! It’s also important to wash your hair as often as you can. It may be difficult to get the natural hair out of any damaged areas, so please ensure you are wearing appropriate hair care products to keep the hair looking as healthy as possible.

Where can I buy a braided braid?

You can find braided hair on Amazon.com, like this one: http://www.amazon

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