What is Marcelled hair? – Flapper Dress Amazon Canada

It is the combination of light yellow or blue coloured hair with the colour of Marcelled or white hairs. The color of it is either of the same colour of hair as the main hair, or else of a different color.

This phenomenon is rare because Marcelled hair is also possible.

How to recognize Marcelled or White Hair?

How do you identify Marcelled hair?

You can distinguish the Marcelled hair from the white hairs by the colour of the main hair, and especially by the presence of some fine hairs which is difficult to avoid.

When you have a big hair and an excessive number of fine hairs, your hair is not suitable for a haircut.

You must make sure the condition of your face cannot be changed by your hair.

What is the difference between a light yellow and a light blue marcelled hair?

The difference between a light yellow and a light blue marcelled hair is the presence of a few fine hairs which you may have overlooked because of its lightness in contrast to the brown hair.

On the left: a light yellow marcelled hair with an overabundance of fine hairs, and the right: a light blue marcelled hair with a thinned down section due to lack of fine hairs.

How to use the hair clipper to cut a light yellow or light blue marcelled hair?

When you have a bunch of hair on the right side of your head, try to cut the hair with a medium sharp hair clipper, and then let the hair fall off, leaving the base of the hair.

When you have small amounts of hair on the left hair side, try to remove the hair with a small needle.

How to cut the Marcelled hair onto the top.

Once you have trimmed off the marcelled hair, and all the hairs have been left on the end, try your best to cover it as well as possible.

Keep holding the hair and trimming it with the scissors at the same time, and then cut the hair around a bit so that you can use some product to moisturize it afterwards.

To put up a cap, place the cut hair into a hair tie, and secure it with a little thread, and let it soak in water. It will get a look like a cap.

How do you make Marcelled hair into a cap?

To cap

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