What kind of coats did flappers wear? – 1920 Red Flapper Dress

“You didn’t wear a coat to a flapper meeting,” he said. The men’s outfits typically featured a button-down shirt, pants, and shoes. In the 1940s and 1950s, many men wore pants; today flappers rarely wear pants. The men with beards also wore slacks (although they could shave their heads if they wished). The ladies wore dresses. Flappers often went to salons to get nail polish. “They probably didn’t know they weren’t going to see any flappers,” he said. In later years, flappers wore wigs at flapper meetings, but “they were so different from modern women’s wigs they probably didn’t see them.” The women’s makeup wasn’t so much for a flapper’s vanity, either. Flappers were often considered beautiful, according to Lee. “The real reason they turned up and did what they did was to have the respect and admiration of their friends and family,” he continued, adding that many flappers were “dealing with a lot of social problems” while wearing the dress. Today’s flappers aren’t necessarily the same: Women flapper around in different styles because they don’t live in a time and place like the flapper era.
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“One of the things we did that was different from anything that’s ever come before is we were wearing skirts for the first time,” said Lee. “Our girls wore them and we knew they were getting ready to dance.” Lee recalled one time he tried to stop a flapper with a girl named “Sugar” from walking into her dance hall and he didn’t even know what she looked like. It wasn’t until he got to know the girl that she became a member of the flapper family. “When I saw her dancing, I thought, you know what? She’s kind of sweet,” he said. “I could actually go there with my girlfriend and say, ‘Hey Sugar, I love you. I can’t believe this is your first dance.’ We’d all be hanging out laughing, not getting the same reaction.” One of the most interesting things about flappers was the fact that they traveled. “This was where the girls went for a weekend and they could see their friends,” said Lee. “People were still traveling back then, and if you went to see your friend, you could take him or her for a weekend.” It wasn’t always a nice thing, either: “If I went to see a friend and her parents showed up, he probably

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