What kind of jewelry did flappers wear? – 1920S Gatsby Flapper Dress Uk

“The only jewelry they wore, at that time, was their head dresses.”

Are you sure?

“They never used earrings, and they wouldn’t wear anything with pearls or anything like that.” “There were women who would wear earrings, but very low-key. They didn’t go out.”
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I don’t know about that. When you watch the movie, did you see the jewelry?

“Oh, yes. I’ve seen pictures, but never seen the real dress. They did wear a little bit of jewelry.”

Did it have a collar on?

“Yes, it had a little bit of a top collar.”

And what exactly was that?

“It had buttons. One of the girls, I believe, is the first who has seen that. They were all in a different world than what they are in now.”

How much did clothes cost?

“In those days, $400 a pair. We had to buy a number of shirts and coats and jackets. Clothing didn’t even come in a box. If you didn’t have a box to store it in, you had to go to the post office in case you forgot it. Now you have to make sure when you come into the studio that you have it there at your post office.”

That takes a lot of money.

“Yes, and we had to take all the clothes into the studio and buy them out.”

Was the salary for a flapper around here about the same as for a seamstress?

“They did come with a little bit more money.”

So did they have to work?

“Yes, a little more.” And, after all, the studio was owned by Joseph Pulitzer.

Okay. How much a skirt, for one, really cost?

“We would probably buy it for a hundred cents.”

They had many different styles?

“Yes, many. From simple black to lace.”

What kind of dress did they wear?

“All the girls, flapper girl included, wore dresses.”

Was there anything like a pant?

“Yes. They wore the skirts from a very old time.”

Did one dress change for every year or was it more of a certain vintage?

“The most beautiful dresses were the ones that were made for them by Madame Curie and Jean-Paul Gault

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