What kind of jewelry did flappers wear? – Vintage Flapper Dresses 1920S Photos Of Women

There are a few kinds of jewelry worn by women during the eighteenth century, depending on the color, design and material of the jewelry. The most common type of jewelry are simple earrings with small gemstones or “pearls” in them. These earrings can be found in almost any size or shape of woman’s head.

“It is one thing to have a set of pearls. It is another thing to look at a pearl in a mirror—one must take her in her own hands to see its beauty.”[1]

There are also a few other “pearls” that a woman must wear:

Some women also “pearled”. That is, they have very sharp, very sharp pieces of precious metal and jewels embedded into them with many diamonds, gems, amethysts, and such. This was a fashionable style of jewelry back in the nineteenth century for women, and also to some extent in the Victorian era.

As for jewelry worn by men:

“The “pomp and circumstance” which I spoke of earlier has been made into a very high art—with the best hands—so that they have set themselves apart as peculiarly beautiful. The most beautiful and highest ornamentation there is is not made of metals; but in a stately gown and an embroidered blouse they look as if they were fashioned out of ivory or gold. The only ornamentation which they may have got out of the best hands is often quite inconspicuous.”[2]

Men too wore jewelry, but it is doubtful if they were more or less beautiful than the women. As usual, it was more important for a man to look smart than look beautiful. There were men such as George Whitman, the “American” sculptor. A man like this who used his skill in the craft to create sculpture was certainly more “artistic” than a man like Robert Morris who had a lot of talent and good taste, but who chose to sell some of his artwork to people who didn’t care one bit about the creative process.

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[1] H. V. K

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