What kind of shoes did they wear in the 1920s? – 1920S Flapper Dress Historical Pictures For Sale

A. The kind they wore then to play baseball.

Q. So they could play baseball with their shoes on?

A. They had to wear their shoes on the same day of the game. So maybe they wore them on Saturday or Sunday. This might be an example of the way the Indians wore socks. A baseball team doesn’t wear socks, they play with their feet.

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Q. The Indians had players called “shoeless’ pitchers. And that was just a thing for the pitchers?

A. Yes. The Indians would bring a catcher in who would have his socks off before game time. And the Indians would say, “Go, get ’em off. Go, get ’em off. Let’s see how you like it.”

Q. There was a lot of talk about this. But was it true?

A. Well, yes. They did, from the time the teams were founded to the time they left. The first game the Indians played, which was in Cincinnati, they had a pitcher called “shoeless.”

Q. Is there a reason for the name “Shoeless Joe”?

A. No, that’s just a name like all the other “shoeless” pitchers. It was simply a nickname to describe this young man, this young man with no talent and no ability.

Q. How are we going to remember the years before Joe Long?

A. I hope we can remember him well.

Q. What happened with the name?

A. It’s in the history books. The Cleveland Indians changed their name in 1929. They made it the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim. When you read the history books, you can trace the change back before that to the Indians and they wanted to make it just for the fans.

Q. And the fans liked the name, did they not?

A. Some of the fans liked it. And they wanted the fans to make a change.

Q. Could there be some chance of the Indians changing their name to another team?

A. That kind of thing just can’t happen. It was only done for the fans. And the fans really wanted that name. They really wanted the name that was different, that didn’t have to do with Indians. We were the Los Angeles Dodgers.

Q. So why didn’t you just go with “L.A. Dodgers”?


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