What kind of shoes did they wear in the 1920s? – 1920S Flapper Dress Plus Size

They wore white shoes. They used to wear shoes, too.

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It is well known that the men were known as the wheel of fortune. Is there an actual wheel?

No, really. It used to be called the wheel of death. But that was a myth.

Did they know some esoteric or esoteric arts?

No, they didn’t. They were mostly the workaday workmen.

How much money did the wheelmen make?

It was around $3 an evening.


What kind of framework did the wheelmen build their machines on?

A frame was common. They built a frame on the ground and then pulled it down, so you walked through the frame.

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Was there a kind of structure set up to support the entire machine?

They used three or four rows of stairs or one of the four sides of a house and it had a base.

What kind of wood did the wheelmen use?

White oak. They had no choice. They couldn’t just pick up an oak and cut it down to one square inch. That would be a sign that they weren’t using the best wood.


Did they have regular jobs for the men?

You got a job when you went to work. It didn’t go on during the day, but they worked eight hours a day and they had a lunch break. You went to work and you got a drink of water.

What kind of house did they work in?

The men had a wooden house of their own. It was just big enough for them.

Did they get paid at all?

They got paid $2 per hour. If they had to be home during the night, they were not paid. They worked two days a week, 12 hours a day, and in the afternoon they went home.

Did the men have a lot of responsibilities?

They were basically the householders. They had a place to do laundry and things like that.


How did white oak get on the scene?

White oak is from Africa. The men didn’t have much money, but they had this tree and one of the men planted a

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