What kind of shoes did they wear in the 1920s?

“It was a time of high-end leather goods. A nice pair of shoes, for instance, would have been worth more than a couple of dollars. The last-generation ‘luxury’ footwear of the 1920s was created by luxury brands like Alexander Robertson. They were often made of the most luxurious leather, often from Indian and Chinese sources.”

It would then be interesting to ask him about the “luxury” shoes of today – or better, modern fashion.

“It’s like comparing the 1920s with today,” he continues, “although the clothes have gone a lot further.”

“In the 1920s, some people thought you needed money to buy clothes because they were all from the US, and it was difficult to find them here. Those days are not long dead. It’s just that in our country we pay as much as we can get for our purchases.”

And why does he think his generation is so more successful in the economy?
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“I think it comes down to education. My father’s generation had very good schools. But the gap has narrowed because we now have more access than my grandfathers did. But still, we still don’t have a university system here that can educate our children for four or five years. So if we’re going into higher education, there are other countries who can give you that education. And people like my father have that opportunity. So, it’s a big factor that I’m the kind of person I am, and that I try to contribute to the education of my kids.”

“I’m looking forward to working with someone new – someone new to show me how to do business as opposed to me talking like a traditional investor. I’m looking forward to building a business with him and getting more of the financial benefit from that. But there’s also a cultural difference that I’ve found. I’ve been told the culture is a lot more entrepreneurial. If you’re making a business, it was the other way around.”

So what is his vision?

“I have a vision for a city, but that might never be achieved. But what I do see is a city that continues to live on in the way it does. People want to have a lifestyle. They want to go to bars – and they want to go downtown to have a barbeque. It’s not just a tourist destination to them. It’s a home away from home.”

So let’s get into other businesses,