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If you want to be more fashionable than your real-life girlfriend, she’s probably wearing leather.

“We used to have a very leather and suede look,” says Lauren. “I like all colors of leather.”

The first three chapters have their own short story at the end.

In the fourth chapter of the series, you get more than one chance to complete the quest of the mysterious girl.
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The “Tales of Kudelia” are a series of light novels written by Jun Natsuoka.

The series has been created by three people who have one goal: to make a story with a storyteller who looks at the world anew. When the storyteller decides to create a story in a way where the player will experience how events could turn out without taking the decisions that have been made, it is called “the second part of the game”—the story was created to teach the players how to make their own decision as part of the game.

Here you can read a review on a part of the novel series by author Jun Natsuoka titled, “Kudelia: The Tale of the Mysterious Girl.” It is part of the first three chapters of the first novel; as such, the fourth is about to come.

The fourth chapter is based on one of the stories that were given from the first game. That story is about the “Tale of Kudelia”.

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(RefID: 00 027A5D ) Home City Shor’s Stone Respawn None Race Nord Gender Male Level 4 Class Warrior RefID 00 027A5D BaseID 00 031AC3 Other Information Health 70 Magicka 50 Stamina 40 Primary Skills One-handed and One Handed Morality No Crime Aggression Very Aggressive Faction(s) Imperial Legion Statistics Attack 30-55 Damage 1-40 Stamina 60-75 Faction(s) Imperial Legion


“The Argonians were made for this world. Some call them the beasts of the plains, others call them the men of the wastes.” ―Ceilius, on his people[src]

Ceilius is a Nord warrior from Shor’s Stone, an important settlement deep in the Imperial territory of Skyrim. He is seen by many visitors as an intimidating brute who may cause problems in his community. In his homeland, he is considered by

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