What shoes go with a flapper dress?

The question isn’t one you want to get into. And maybe that’s what you want for yourself. At least, that’s what I want for myself. At least I wish the answer was clear before I started digging into the subject further. So here it is.

We like to think of flappers and their dresses as an expression of our femininity. And that’s a reasonable assumption. So why do we feel the need to go out and buy a fancy, fashionable dress? Is it a simple matter of the clothes we wear? No! The reason women buy their clothes is because they don’t want to look like every other woman out there.

We don’t want to look like those other women.

As we’ve discussed over and over, wearing flapper dresses signals that you are a flapper and that you are ready to go. You look good enough for a man to take a chance on you. But if you are not a beautiful woman then your dress may be more a statement of your femininity, of your confidence, than anything else. And if your dress doesn’t make you feel confident, then your choice to wear it is a message to everyone else in the world that you don’t believe in yourself.

So that’s why a flapper dress is a great fit for you.

But I should point out that as women we spend a lot of our time thinking about what’s going to make us seem feminine. So if you are thinking about how flappers put on their dresses and go to the club, then you need to understand where you stand at any given moment.

Do you want your dress to stand out in the crowd? Then yes.

Do you want to take a chance on meeting a man? Then definitely.

Do you wish you could be one of a kind and want everybody else to think you looked that way too? Then definitely.

Do you believe in yourself? Then we can’t all go to the club to meet other people with the same thoughts and values.

These are things that can be easily tested right now.

What Flappers’ Brides Need

A girl who just started going out of the house wants to know why she needs to purchase her flapper dress?

Well, she shouldn’t.

When you are shopping for something like a flapper dress, you can’t just assume what you want to be wearing. You just have to choose something that will make you feel