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The answer: 1920. It was a short-lived fashion, but it had its moment.

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MSNBC anchors ‘outraged’ by Megyn Kelly debate debate

The MSNBC hosts of “Hardball” and “Morning Joe” are outraged about the second Republican debate hosted by CNN’s Anderson Cooper and are not happy about a question asked of them during the first GOP debate.

Cooper had asked, “Do you think it’s OK if a woman has an abortion to save the life of her unborn child?”

Kelly brought the clip up at the first Democratic presidential debate, where she pressed moderator Chris Cuomo for clarifying whether anyone opposed a woman’s right to an abortion.

“Do you think it’s OK for a woman to terminate her pregnancy because of the life of her child?” Kelly asked.

“Well, the first thing we’ve got to determine is does it meet your standard, Chris, which is a pregnancy resulting from rape,” Cuomo responded.

“So this is a rape of life, yes?” she continued. “The next question is, “Do you, personally, think that a woman who has an abortion to save her life should also lose all the rights, including the right to be a parent?”

“Well, first of all, let me just point out that Anderson Cooper and I don’t agree on this question,” Kelly interjected.

“I didn’t start the question on abortion, but I think that the question itself in that context was very problematic and very disappointing,” Coop said. “You have not gotten the full context in this debate, and the question itself was problematic. You mentioned life of mother, and I actually wanted to clarify that this question does not affect me personally on the issue of abortion, even though I’m pro-life.”

She pressed Cuomo again, saying, “Chris, I’m going to come to you on this, and let’s talk about that for a second. You know, you had an opportunity earlier in this debate to talk about this, and I wanted to make sure that whatever you say on this subject that I don’t care about what your personal political beliefs are. I care about the life of a child.”

“I thought it was appropriate that I clarify that

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