Whats a flapper in a toilet?

-A flapper is, well, a regular girl. A girl in a flapper suit (wearing a white tank top, short denim or blouse, a pink top, dark pants, no boots, and sometimes wearing a wig, for some of them, as there are usually so many of them she can not see them) in a men’s bathroom.

-These girls are not used to being in the men’s bathroom.

-These girls often like to be in the men’s bathroom because it gives them a feeling of freedom and a chance to have fun and be free.
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-The only people who can be there are the men who have permission to be there.

-This is because if you are not dressed up in your flapper flapper’s outfit, you are not really part of the men’s wash.

-The girls who have a lot of money sometimes bring their girlfriends over to have fun in the bathroom.

-These are usually girls of less than average appearance (except maybe their hair).

-These girls will often wear their hair in front of them on their heads or their shoulders in a look like a princess with long flowing hair.

-There is never an end to the fun.

-If a girl wants to go back into the men’s wash, she will most likely be given a ticket. So unless this is a very large wash, and the girls that go to the men’s wash don’t have the money, they will be given a ticket for a different one. The tickets are printed on pink paper.

In a women’s wash, the ticket is a blue ticket. It is a paper ticket where you see the number “2.30.20”. It is written on a piece of paper, and it is a bit hard to read at first, then you learn how to read it!

-The people who have the tickets don’t really know what they are doing, because for whatever reason, nobody told them of the rules of this wash, because the women who run the wash are only girls.

-The ticket is given out for an hour long, but the “wash” happens every time and they must wear dresses, heels, and heels that make their feet look bigger than they actually are (they are not allowed to wear jeans as they are considered too short).

-Also, there is a limit to how many girls can attend at a time.