Who was the first flapper? – The Roaring 20S Flapper Dress

Nana Nana: I never knew anybody, so I’ll tell you. I was told about the flapper by a white lady in Brooklyn.

What kind of flapper was she?

She was a little girl around 10 years old. She told us about it, and we all just went crazy about her, and we wanted her to get into our club. But nobody’s ever got her over there, and I always wanted to know, where are they? How do they know about them? I’m just waiting to hear one more story about the flapper!

What kind of story was that?

It was when she walked in with the girl who owned the club, and they started going at it, and then one of these people who wanted to be in the front, the white guy on the side, hit her so hard, she fell over and broke her arm. She wasn’t really hurting anyone, but she broke his arm.

How old was she?

She wasn’t too young to be a girl, at 11 or 12, maybe. I didn’t know her, but I knew someone who was in the same situation… They’d go into the back of the club and the white guy was at the front, and we were all like, “Wow, it’s just like those movies!” So we had them all over.

Why was it a front?

They were all the same kind of things, and I’ve never talked to anybody before… I don’t know if it was because I am Asian, because everyone there used to speak the same language. There must have been like 50 girls and the same guys. People were like, “We have to get this over with quick,” or they’d yell, “Come on!” Everybody was like, “Come on out!” But I didn’t know anything about them. All I knew was what my black friends told me: “Just keep going until you see them!”
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What do you mean all eyes? What was the scene like?

There were people sitting down, looking at people, waiting for them to join. Then they would tell you the time they met the girl, if they were there right away or like 10 minutes later. Then you’d tell anybody who might have come by, “Hey, we have to get this over with fast. We have girls over there.” I was there about five or six times. Then the white guy at the front, he’d say

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