Who was the most famous flapper of the 1920s? – 1920 Flapper Costume Ideas

The most famous dancer? The most beautiful dancer? The most talented dancer? The most famous actress? The most famous singer? Or none of these, but I bet the most popular movie star of the 1920s was…you guessed it, the star of the original Hollywood strip club. And it just so happens that the woman who started and dominated this famous genre in Hollywood, The Glamour Queen. The star who was a star until the early 1940s when she was forced to leave the theatre for her private life, and who remains one for the modern audience to this day, and the most popular dancer of the 1920s and 1930s. Her name was Ginger Rogers.
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Ginger was born August 24, 1880, in New York City and she had the pleasure of working in New York City at the famed “Chocolat”, just next to the famed “Rabbit Littles”, where all women were considered “unbeautiful” and where the women were stripped of their individuality, making them into “fame-hungry” objects and then auctioned on in a series of auctions. She was one of the most famous and highest paid dancers at the ‘Chocolat’ on Broadway.

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