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It all happened when they used the flapper, then she got fat and then she was not able to eat as much because the flapper was eating too much, and that’s why I said her knees are flapping” – Robert Frost.

In our time of poverty and oppression, our leaders have declared that poverty isn’t a problem. Poverty is the real problem. We have done nothing to address poverty. We have failed the people of Puerto Rico. We have failed the people in Alabama. We have failed the poor of Chicago. We have failed our children. We have failed every single American. The American people have paid the price for the failure to provide for our people.

An official with the National Security Council said on Thursday the Trump administration was ready to work with Russia on combating a range of threats, including counterterrorism, and was not going to respond to the U.S. accusation that Moscow interfered in the 2016 election.

“For the purposes of this meeting, we are not going to engage in this conversation about what exactly Russia did, what it’s done during this campaign and what its goals may be,” acting National Security Adviser Dina Powell told reporters. “We have made clear the intent of this meeting was to bring together both sides and we had a chance last week of working with the Russians to deal with ISIS and to deal with other threats that may arise.”
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“We’ve had constructive conversations in the last 24 hours and weeks and months since this meeting and we are prepared to work with Russia on a range of issues,” Powell said.

Trump’s team accused Moscow of interfering in the presidential election last month with the hacking of Democratic Party computers, as well as the disclosure of personal emails before and after the November election campaign.

Trump is also reportedly considering creating an “intrusion and disruption fund” to bolster military cyberoperations against Russia.

Russia denied that it interfered in the U.S. election.

Russian President Vladimir Putin on Thursday called Trump a “strong opponent of the current U.S. administration,” and said the issue of alleged election hacking was a “fantastic topic to discuss” with Trump at the G-20 this summit meeting of world leaders.

Billionaires Robert Mercer and Robert Mercer II, who together with their father, have contributed millions to conservative causes, including the political group the Republican Governors Association, have invested in the technology company Slack that was behind Breitbart News, the Washington Post reported.

The Post found that

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