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And then you have a third category of things that actually aren’t very flappy, because they’re more typically found in cars than in boats, and so they’re less likely to get stuck.

But then there’s the phenomenon of “jerk” pumps. These are pumps which have been made out of rubber so they feel smooth and slick to the touch. These can be a bit tricky to operate, but generally they’re easy to clean up, and you can use them as flappy pumps without too much trouble.

Which is where I think flapping comes in. A big problem nowadays is that the “slacky” pumps in cars that you can’t actually get to work, because they are too slick, would be really useful in boats too, so the fact that they don’t work out of the box in boats at all is a pretty clear case of bad design. The fact that they do work, however, is another.

If you want the best possible flapping experience, the obvious choice is to install a good one. But if you already have a good pump, what’s the point of buying a new one? What’s the point of buying a bad pump if your old one is still working fine the next time you want to do any flapping exercises? Then, yes, one pump isn’t going to make you feel any better, and, in fact, the pump in your old car may be less reliable and thus less effective, so why invest in a new one?

The point here is not that every pump needs two sets of blades to do flapping; rather, it’s that, if you are really serious about flapping, it is much better to have two different ways of doing flapping exercises, and, as mentioned before, the two kinds of pumps generally work out so well that it is not surprising that flapping is the most popular exercise in the paddling world.

Now, do I want to just teach you how to flutter – not in my usual sense of the term, that’s for sure: I’m not an expert in flapping – but just in the sense that I want to show how it’s done, in detail, rather than just giving you an outline.

But this does beg the question: How is it done?

What you see is not what you get

Flapping is done by contracting the muscles of the body, a simple process which starts as you take in air from your lungs and

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