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Are there two Bobs? Why is a Bob a Bob? Are there two Bobs?

Bob is one of the twenty-six unique members of The Simpsons. He is the only one with a surname that begins with a letter. He is one of the two Simpsons who does not have a voice actor who does all the voices. Despite his name being short for Bob, he is not actually an “uncle” of Maggie Simpson as he’s not related to her by blood.

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The Simpsons

At the age of 10, Homer was diagnosed with acute lymphoblastic leukemia. He lived with his mother until he was a year old, when he was raised as his own family member. Maggie had left him when he was a toddler and moved in with her stepfather, who later went on to adopt her.

After Lisa became ill from having a heart attack, Homer, Maggie and Maggie’s other brother, Bart, were placed with their grandmother, Marge Simpson. They lived with her until she could manage their apartment. In Homer’s first episode, “The War of the Simpsons,” Homer gives Homer his name and explains that he’s actually only a year older than Bart.

After the success of The Simpsons in syndication, many writers tried to create the perfect Simpsons family.

Homer the Great:

“A Bob named Homer? He’s a great uncle! Look what he built!” ―Homer trying to impress his uncle by building a wooden house[src]

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Homer’s uncle, a real estate developer, named Barney Quigley, was responsible for the construction of the family home that Homer and Marge had moved into, and has shown up in all 21 episodes of the show so far.

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A very important female character that appears for just two episodes, but is central to many of the storylines.

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In the episode The Apu Factor, all the members of the Simpsons are introduced as children and a few of the characters are mentioned, including Moe.


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The following characters have appeared in either an episode or a film.


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