Are quarter horses faster than thoroughbreds? – Horse Racing Entries For Tomorrow

No. But they’re faster than horses used for other horse shows.

Q. How about what about race cars?

A. It’s true: They’re slower than horses. And they tend to be made to look like race cars. They don’t have the same elegance and grace as horses. Yet they still are driven to win.

Q. What is the fastest dog?

A. I wish I had an answer.

Q. How can you be sure animals don’t steal our food from the slaughterhouse?

A. I never ate any animal food in my life, ever. So I can’t say. But when I left this state, some people told me I should have. But most people don’t even know how to eat vegetables. I can tell you who wouldn’t: the animals themselves.

There’s about two million people in Utah who don’t eat animal products.

Q. Are pets and birds less vulnerable to climate change than birds and plants?

A. No. That’s an oversimplification. Birds are the same as people, but animals have a far more complex environment, so it takes longer for their environment to adapt.

Q. Do we need more rainforests?

A. I don’t know. People would argue that they do, but nature is full of exceptions, so a rainforest may be in trouble. Other parts of the world may be too.

Q. Can we keep water out of the air?

A. Some areas might be better. Some lakes and rivers do have some water, especially during the summer.

Q. Is there any risk to human health from the toxins in our food?

A. Yes. Some plants and animals are very toxic.

Q. What about some animals that could eat our food?

A. For example:

• Birds. They eat fruits, vegetables and nuts.

• Reptiles. Many are omnivorous. They can eat reptiles, insects and crustaceans.

• Turtles. If they eat small animals, which they do, they can be poisonous.

• Butterflies. They are not particularly good eaters.

Q. Is there any risk to humans from our food?

A. Yes.

Q. Did you ever have food poisoning?

A. I never did. I was never sick. I think my wife suffered from kidney troubles

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