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If they do, will they not lash back? For you will not have a man or a woman of what they are, nor will you have them in this world to live in. But for the coming of the Son of Man, and His Second Coming, and the Tribulation that shall follow, they have seen and heard all that is said of Me. And because they did not believe in Him and were alienated from Him, they were destroyed from the tree of life and from the Lord. (Matthew 17:24-25) For many, who did not hear, and who thought that they had heard all; did they not hear and see? And many of them believed when they saw the Spirit descending– but few believed when they fell away and had not the Spirit. And He said to them, Because they did not hear, or understand or believe, say to them, If you receive this, forgive yourselves, as you forgive others, for yours is the kingdom and the power and the glory forever. (Matthew 18:25-26) Then He said to the twelve, “How many sons and daughters do you have? Do you not have many brothers and sisters?” They answered, “Indeed, Lord, we have many brothers and sisters. (John 17:11-12)

Now you will have to ask yourselves what is the real point of Matthew’s “swashbuckling, sword fighting, adventure, and adventure” to all the people who will not believe in Jesus, and what makes it acceptable to a few, when such is what Jesus is really teaching.

One possible objection: Why are the only weapons being used at Jesus’ side swords? Because, apparently, there is some sort of conflict. What does Jesus intend by swords?

A related question is, why swords? What is the purpose of swords? One can imagine a simple explanation:

The ancient armies used simple weapons that were light, easy to carry, and easily defended. These weapons are called “swords.”

Some of the more detailed discussion of swords can be found in:

“The swords of war” by J.E. B. Venn of the Harvard University Library

“The Swords of Rome” by Eunice M. Stokes of the U.S. Naval Academy

Another possible explanation is that Jesus is simply talking about the use of the sword of the Israelites, while the soldiers of the Romans employed a far more sophisticated type of weapon that we find in the Gospel

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