Do the whips hurt the horses? – Horse Racing Betting Calculator Free

Yes sir.

– And why?

– Because they hurt the horse you’re riding to get to be a gentleman.

– Is this a dress?

– What, is it a dress?

– Yes sir, it’s a dress as well.

– Do I look like a gentleman?

– No sir, you look like the devil. You look like the devil. Don’t look like the devil.

(Sees her horse) – Hey, that’s me. What the hell? I thought it was just a little bit of fluff.

– I’m so sorry, I didn’t mean. You look more like the Devil.

– He’s the devil? – Then what’s the devil, he’s got the horn.

What did I just do?

You’re the devil. You look like a devil. I’m the devil. The devil has horns.

– But I don’t look like a devil. – He has horns. I just like the look.

– Well, you look like a horse. Oh, my!

I love this horse. Well, I love this horse.

I don’t know any other way to look at things.

– Look me in the eye, little man. – What the hell is going on here?

My eye is gone. Your eye is gone.

– Oh my God. – Get the hell away from me!

(suddenly comes under some other horse) – I’m not gonna get any farther without you now. – That’s not true.

– Do you understand me, little man? Or does it just look like I speak English?

– No, I’m a horse. I speak English too.

– Well, now, look. I’m not going anywhere, so I’m gonna stay and play.

– Where are you?

– Where are you!

– Look me in the eye. – Where am I?

– Right here.

– What are you doing? Are you deaf or something?

– I am the Lord. – Who the hell are you to come here and hurt me? My eye? – I can see you.

– I am the master of the horse.

– Who are you? What are you doing here?

– I’m not a human, you know that

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