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On a hot day this summer, an Australian couple were enjoying their day in the sun with their 5-year-old son and watching some cricket in the family backyard at the same time a flock of raptors began to appear from behind bushes and trees.

The man, who is a senior ranger for the Australian Parks and Wildlife Service (APWUS), said the family “started to feel some pain and nausea, with a change in the way in which the animals were reacting to us.”

“As the day wore on … they started to show an incredible amount of aggression.”

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The man went back to the field and returned to the backyard and called for help from the local rangers, who decided to fire warning shots into the bird’s enclosure — a feat that, on hindsight, appears highly unorthodox. “It was a very risky thing to do,” he told Sydney Morning Herald. “This is just the wrong field environment.”
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The ranger had to put out the fire after being attacked in the process; he has returned to work since. “It was like something out of the movie Independence Day,” he said.

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In the time since, a Facebook page has sprung up calling for a ban on the use of raptors in Australia, “to spare families from being torn to pieces.” A petition to do likewise has over 1,100 signatures.

The Australian Department of Environment, Water, Land and Water Resources (DOCWRL) released a statement saying:

On 18 October 2012, the Department was notified by a citizen of Australia that there had been bird violence reported near a bushfire area in the Central Highlands of Western Australia. In response to the citizen’s concerns, the Australian Environment Protection Authority (AEPA) conducted an investigation and established that an authorised ranger at the bushfire management unit had responded in accordance to protocol during the incident.

Despite this, the Department has not been advised since that point on and has declined to consider a ban on the use of live animals within the firefighting activity.

It’s not the first time that Australian authorities have received criticism, however. In 2009, a woman was injured and her

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