How do you play knockout in basketball?

Kendall: I use the same fundamentals and mindset every game: drive hard and knock it down. I have an aggressive attack mentality that I try to implement when I’m playing in transition. That’s when I’m most comfortable.

Can you describe your game?

Kendall: My game is really versatile and it’s got a lot of different facets to it. I can beat people off the dribble with quickness and quick decisions, I can shoot off the dribble, I can create my own shot, I can do a little bit of everything.

How do you see yourself moving forward after you played for four years at Oregon? Did you want to leave because you knew that you didn’t want to play anymore?

Kendall: I was at Oregon for four years, but I wanted to stay as long as possible. I have to be realistic about the opportunity that’s out there: The NBA is so deep and there are so many guys who are ready to come to the NBA. So I wanted to stay as long as possible.

How old are you now?

Kendall: I’m 21.

Are you close with your parents?
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Kendall: I have my mom, dad, and sister.

I think all those kids who can’t play yet will be able to play their last year in the National Basketball Association. How long have you been watching NBA games? Did you have a favorite player or game?

Kendall: I’m not 100 percent a basketball guy, but I’m a huge fan. My mom would really enjoy a game of Shaquille O’Neal vs. Chris Webber. My sister was very into Carmelo Anthony. (laughs)

How did it feel to be a part of a championship-winning team?

Kendall: It was definitely a blessing. It was fun to get a chance to play with those guys and with that style of play, it was fun to play. I’m really glad that I got my shot at getting called up at this point.

If you were the head coach in Oregon, how would you coach this team and what kind of personnel do you have?

Kendall: I would have a lot of different types of players: players who can make their free throws, players who can defend. I would like to have some role players who could run the show and play off the ball and have some role players