How do you play Lightning basketball? – Olbg Football

For me, it’s as simple as playing three-on-three. I’ve always been able to adjust to that style of play and play that way. That’s why my teammates find me so attractive – I’m so laid-back and I like to get it all on the floor.

What kind of players do you play with? What’s your favorite player to play with? Which big man do you hate guarding?

That doesn’t really change my routine much from week to week. I play at least five minutes a day. Whether it’s with the Spurs, Warriors, Warriors, Clippers or Rockets my friends are always down there with me – everyone on my team makes up the team. And so they know when I’m down it doesn’t matter because of all the great players that are down with me.

What’s your favorite team?

My favorite team would have to be the Thunder – I mean, they’re one of the top team in the world right now. They have a chance to go up for the NBA championship and I look forward to that. And that’s why I have like every one of my team members that I hang out with. But I still try to get a chance to go play in Oklahoma City with them.

Do you think your play has improved over time with age?

I’m still young, but I’ve been making that jump each year and it’s been a great journey. I’m still young and I think that’s why I’m making such great strides. Being able to have a great mentor who is the best at what he does is a huge plus. He told me I had all the tools but if I didn’t do them and practice hard I wouldn’t get there. He always tried to motivate me – telling me I had a lot to prove.

What will you miss most about playing the game of basketball?

My friendship with all my teammates and all the people that support me are a great part of my life. I love the game of basketball and I love my teammates and I love having a lot of friends on my team.

Do things that are too tough for you to do or things that are too hard for you to do get easier?

Well, that’s my question – do things get easier or harder? Because I do everything that’s too hard for me to do, but sometimes it gets easier. For example, last year when I didn’t play too well, my dad would pick me

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