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There’s no way to accurately gauge. Even the U.S. Census Bureau says only horses can weigh more than 100 pounds.

Horses’ bones are formed in a similar fashion to that of humans and so some experts say they can easily run faster than a human if pushed with enough power. But one former professional rider says that “an average race horse could run about 45 miles per hour.”
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Athletes like Ricky Wysocki, Jason Cheung and others can push their bodies to near-limitless speed using their core muscles as they work their body to stay warm.

And just because they can, does not mean they should. The human body is designed to move with a minimum of effort, says Michael A. Lydon, assistant professor of exercise physiology at the University of Florida.

“When the weight is lifted, the muscles are actually in a higher state of activation than they were when you’re just lifting your feet,” he says. “You’ve got lots of flexibility that allows you to move your body as you want to.”

(CBS News) “This is not about making us all equal. This is about helping you earn more.” So reads the new ad that’s been placed on a bus stop near a McDonald’s McDonald’s in St. Louis. The ad opens with a narrator saying, “Don’t let the words ‘equal’ or ‘fair’ get in the way of earning more at the store.” The ad was created by the American Legislative Exchange Council, or ALEC, a right wing policy think tank that bills itself as not a business but a “social policy consulting group.”

ALEC is one of at least a dozen organizations behind a “Stand for Children” ad campaign.

“These ads were supposed to be a message to the American people, in this case to parents: ‘You have to work hard, no matter what your income.’ Not only is ‘equality’ not the message they wanted to tell mothers, fathers and children in the city, it’s not even the truth, much less the message they want to share with everyone else,” wrote Tom Williams of the St. Louis Post-Dispatch. “In St. Louis, children are being told by teachers that their school days, and their lives, are not enough like anyone else’s. For many families, it means that they will be shut out of opportunities to grow up well.”

The ad also includes a narrator that says, “It’s not possible for working families to afford

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